why your money flies away before you know it?

Feng shui has the answer!! Go check if you have water leak somewhere in your house..

MONEY associated with WATER element

Feng shui associates Bathroom with poor finances + bankruptcy. And Kitchen with health + wealth .

Any unbalanced energy or water draining in there could case real finances problems to the occupants.

Ch’i flows through every space of your home, Drains or leak cause a unique Feng Shui challenge because good Ch’i can flow into them, and right out of your home.

While kitchens, laundry rooms, and basements have drains, bathrooms typically have the largest number of drains, and these drains are close together in a small single room.

Toilets, sinks, and bathtubs can allow good Ch’i to flow from your home and down into the sewage system. This can diminish your wealth and prosperity.

To keep vital energy from draining away, put rubber stoppers over the sink and bathtub drains.

*always keep your toilet lids down, *rubber stoppers in drains, *your bathroom doors closed.

Keep in mind leak water = fly money

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