2020 Chinese New Year

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

By analyzing the Chinese calendar of 2020... there is four un auspicious directions (East, South, North, the center) we have to be very careful with dealing with these directions in our home or work space.. Good News !!!! We have five auspicious directions that we have to boost and activate the energy to get the best opportunity and chances in this year with less damages and losses..


Wood element
family and health
Earth star
misfortune, accident and death
cure is Metal and wood Element
avoid Earth and fire ..


wood element
Money and prosperity gua
Career and success Heaven
Metal star
cure Earth and metal element and wind chimes and crystal and gem tree
avoid water and wood and fire elements and colors
No purple no red no orange


Earth element
love marriage relations
wood star
love and success academic
cure Earth element
fire element ..


Metal element
children and creativity
fire star
future prosperity and investment
cure fire and wood elements
green plants and Himalayan lamp and candles and coins
avoid earth or water ..


Metal element
travel and helpful people
Earth star
wealth and income
cure Earth and fire elements and gem tree ..


Water element
wood star
bad luck and arguments
cure Metal element and red or purple blanket
avoid Earth and water and wood and fire
blue or green plants


fire element
reputation and fam
Earth element
ill sickness killing star
cure Metal element, sa

lt, white color

avoid fire and Earth elements ...


Earth element
self cultivation and spiritually
water star
luck and success
cure water and metal elements
avoid Fire element....


Earth element
Metal star
arguments rubbery
cure water
earth and metal element

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