Project - Hallways

Feng Shui Hallway Design Before 1
Feng Shui Hallway Design After
Feng Shui Hallway Design After

Hallways connect the various rooms and space in your living or work space.

Hallways transport Ch’i and nourish the rooms of your homes of offices in the same way as your body’s bloodstream transports nutrients that nourish your body’s cells. Hallways should be bright and clear of clutter to allow Ch’i to flow freely. Some types of hallways can be problematic in Feng Shui because they do not conduct Ch’i effectively.

I applied Feng Shui principles to correct deficiencies, and restore healthy Ch’i circulation throughout clients’ office.

Long and Narrow Hallways

Long and narrow hallways create disharmonious energy flows in your space and can make them feel claustrophobic. Narrow passages pull Ch’i too quickly, creating rushing Ch’i that will disturb the balance and create more intense, rushing Ch’i. This rushing Ch’i is especially harmful to rooms at the end of narrow hallways. My cure was using plants, mirrors, and other features to transform rushing Ch’i into a more harmonious state.  adding artwork or pictures along hallway walls. These items calm Ch’i flow by taking the focus away from the hallways’ ends.

Door at the end of long, narrow hallways are problematic, as Ch’i will quickly flow down the hallway, and out the door. While this type of hallway creates harmful Ch’i, you do not want to get rid of it. Rather, you want to transform it into beneficial Ch’i that provides nourishment to your clients’ nearby living spaces. Add a potted plant in the hallway, directly underneath the door. 

The plant will absorb most of the harmful rushing Ch’i and re-emit the energy in a more harmonious, beneficial state.

Car Dealer Office

Modern Feng Shui Design Office Before #3
Modern Feng Shui Design Office After #2.
Modern Feng Shui Design Office Before #2
Modern Feng Shui Design Office After #1.
Auto Office Before #1.jpg
Auto Office After #1.jpg
Auto Office After #2.jpg
Auto Office Before #2.jpg


Auto Office After #3.jpg

Car Dealer Office

Project 3 Part 3 Before 2After.jpg
Project 3 Part 3 Before.jpg
Project 3 Part 3 After.jpg

Car Dealer Office

Project 3 - Part 4

Feng Shui Design Before.jpg


Feng Shui Design After.jpg


First Impressions

The first thing visitors see when they walk through the front door of a home or office is the entrance-way, followed by the foyer. 

People tend to judge places  by the way these areas look,  because they tend to reflect how the rest of the place will appear...


Clutter is one of the fundamental obstacles to good Feng Shui. The entrance of a space is particularly important, as it represents the “mouth” or “kou” of it. Ch’i or vital energy is the “food” that enters the space’s “mouth” and nourishes it, keeping it in optimal condition. If enough healthy Ch’i does not enter the place’s kou, then areas of the home or office  will not receive sufficient energy to support the health, wealth, and prosperity of the occupants. The main entrance is your living or working space top source of fresh energy for your entire living environment.

If the Feng Shui Elements that are present are off-balance, harmful Ch’i can actually enter your place.

That lions statues  are a protective presence in a home’s or offices entryway. 
They are guardian statues that protect a home or building against bad luck.

They should be placed on either side of the entrance and should be matched to the Gua they are located in, two plants for either side of the front door. These plants will “protect” the entrance from any negative Ch’i that is lurking around..

and in the end to ensure that this place ll have money flow as energy flow so we have it paint in red after applying the Bagua map and taking certain compass direction.