Feng Shui your home to boost your health, harmony and success!

Feng Shui for homes helps with:

  • creating a warm, supportive, healthy and interesting homes

  • selling your property quickly 

  • choosing a property to buy

  • improving relationships

  • finding your ideal partner

  • attracting prosperity

  • improving your luck

A full Feng Shui for homes consultation includes:

  1. An assessment of the client’s needs and issues.

  2. Feng Shui astrology analyses, which is optional (If required please provide DOBs before the consultation) for up to 4 resident family members.

  3. Feng Shui assessment of the property, all aspects of Feng Shui (Bagua, placement, colors, layouts, orientations, images, symbols, etc.). 

  4. Actual consultation – which will last up to 2 hours

  5. Discussion of findings, the definition of solutions and implementation plan.

  6. Making immediate minor Feng Shui corrections to the property if possible (space clearing and geopathic stress harmonization).

  7. A complete written Feng Shui report (by email).

  8. Full support during the whole process (via email /telephone). My Feng Shui approach is person-centered, evidence based.

  9. Follow-up fine-tuning consultation if necessary once you’ve done most of the improvements (within 3-6 months).


1 - Walk through consultation:

First I begin by evaluating my client’s home/ office to determine where Feng Shui can be enhanced. I’ll take a careful walk through of the property, taking note of important details that could benefit from Feng Shui improvements. Next, I’ll prepare and present my client with a detailed written report that explains how to implement these suggested changes. For this type of service, I am only responsible for the evaluation and the report. My client will use the report to implement the changes by him or herself. 

2 - Walk through consultation with implementation:


This type of Feng Shui job starts with a full assessment of the home or office, followed by helping my client implement hands-on changes. I will guide my client through exactly what he or she needs to do to improve the Feng Shui in the home.

3 - Walk through consultation with implementation and maintenance:


This type of Feng Shui job includes a walk-through consultation with hands-on implementation, and at least one follow-up appointment to check whether my client has stayed on track keeping his or her home’s Feng Shui balanced.


4 - Auspicious home location adviser:


Landscapes significantly affect homes around the world. The presence of natural features such as rolling hills, marshes, plains, deserts, mountains, rivers, lakes, and oceans impacts how Ch’i is generated and channeled into and around homes. Locations in harmony with their surrounding environments are “auspicious.” Auspicious locations will support your clients’ homes and supply them with a flow of healthy Ch’i. Such locations help the occupants of homes achieve prosperity, health, and good fortune. Locations that have problematic or disruptive surroundings are “inauspicious.” Such locations are unhelpful to occupants of homes and can even have deleterious impacts. 

I’ll advise you on future home locations. I’ll apply Feng Shui to determine where their new homes should be located to ensure they provide them with good fortune and beneficial Ch’i..

5 - Outdoor Feng Shui Service (landscape):


I’ll apply Feng Shui to the outdoor areas of your homes. by using plants, rocks, water, and other items to enhance the flow of Ch’i throughout your clients’ properties, balance Yin and Yang energies, and enhance any “missing areas.” This will create a property that invites healthy Ch’i from the surroundings to nourish your clients’ homes.


6 - Feng Shui for offices:


I can apply Feng Shui to individual work spaces or offices. This will be relevant to all aspects of clients’ lives. A good work environment is vital to ensure that peoples’ lives are well balanced and successful. You will spend around one-third of their life (i.e. 8 hours a day) at work. 

Applying Feng Shui to your workplace will help ensure that your work environment contributes positive energy to your entire lives.

By applying Feng Shui to offices, or businesses of any kind, it will increase your business’ productivity, and to make the whole work experience more positive. also using Feng Shui to increase their business opportunities, improve their financial fortunes, and enhance the interactions of your employees.

Benefits of using Feng Shui in business:

  • an optimum, comfortable and stress-free working environment

  • a balanced coordinated environment for efficient and stable growth

  • greater job satisfaction

  • reduced workload, absenteeism and staff retention

  • a productive environment to increase output and profits

  • sharpened decision-making skills

  • encouraged inspiration, motivation and innovation

  • increased creativity and better communication

  • improved quality of teamwork, staff interaction and higher morale


A business Feng Shui consultation includes:

  1. An assessment of the client’s needs and issues.

  2. Feng Shui assessment of the work-space:

    • the positioning of the workstations (according to Feng Shui astrology)

    • assessment of all key areas (doors, windows, passages, etc.)

  3. Discussion of findings, the definition of solutions and implementation plan.

  4. Making immediate minor Feng Shui corrections to the property if possible (space clearing and poison arrows.

  5. Follow up, fine-tuning consultation on the phone / in person (if required) after 3-6 months.

  6. A detailed report of the findings

7- Feng Shui for individual office:

Wwhether you have home office or personal office in a company ... I still can apply Feng Shui service to your personal work-space.


8- Space cleansing ceremony: 

These ceremonies will mix aspects of traditional Asian culture to create a positive experience that reinforces the renewal of your lives through Feng Shui. A space cleansing ceremony will: 


  • symbolize your new beginnings and

  • bright future, 

  • provide a sense of emotional and spiritual change.

Please note that to perform space cleansing ceremonies only after me or you have implemented your physical Feng Shui recommendations. This way, the ceremony will most effectively solidify and support the Ch’i flow. While a space cleansing ceremony will not be harmful in an environment that does not have good Feng Shui, the physical environment will reduce its effectiveness.

Space clearing uses:

  • to enhance and support the Feng Shui process

  • to harmonize working and living spaces

  • to clear any ‘stuck’ energies

  • to balance space after moving to a new home or workplace

  • to assist with the sale of properties

  • to change the ‘overall atmosphere’ in homes and workplaces

  • to symbolize your new beginnings and

  • to bright future, 

  • to provide a sense of emotional and spiritual change.

How I work with space clearing:

  • I suggest de-cluttering the space 

  • use of air-cleansing plants , peace lily and ferns is suggested.

  • with special space clearing incense sticks

  • sound – i.e. bells

  • vibrational space clearing CD

  • candles

  • symbols

  • intention

* crystal


9 - Blessing ceremony:

This introduces an aspect of spirituality above a space cleansing ceremony, and often involves chants, mantras, or prayers. As you know, Feng Shui does not connect to any religion. However, religious clients might want to connect their own faith with their Feng Shui experience.

I usually leave the recitation of any religious chant, mantra, or prayer to my clients. This will create a very personal connection between my clients, their religion, and their commitment to the positive changes they have made and committed to throughout the Feng Shui process. 

10 - Personalized ceremony:


It’ll be discussed at my office personally 

11 - Workshop and training courses to be announced 

12 - Feng Shui for selling properties:


Feng Shui can help with making the property more sell-able and desirable for potential buyers. I offer onsite and online/remote Feng Shui advice to help with the sale of the property.

My Feng Shui consultation for selling properties includes:

  • All aspects of Feng Shui (Bagua, placement, colors, layouts, orientations, images, symbols, etc.)

  • Interior design advice to make the property look right for the potential buyers

Fee: depends on the location 

Feng Shui for buying properties:

Buying your next home is an important decision on many levels, financially, emotionally, mentally, health-wise and even spiritually. 

My Feng Shui consultation for buying properties includes:

  • All aspects of Feng Shui (Bagua, placement, colors, layouts, orientations, directions, images, symbols, etc.).

Fee: depends on the location