Feng Shui Design Dining Room Before.jpg
Feng Shui Design Dining Room After

The food you eat in the dining room nourishes your body. On a deeper level, the feeling of well being and personal connection that comes from eating meals with friends or family nourishes your soul.

According to Feng Shui, the dining room is directly associated with wealth and career, and indirectly but vitally related to health. The ideal atmosphere for the dining room is to nurture warm, slightly Yang, slowly circulating Ch’i..

The focal point of the dining room is generally the dining table. As the dining room is associated with wealth.

You can see the difference between before and after pictures ..

Picture number one the atmosphere dose not present vitality or life in the art work in a way it dose not support the wealth energy.

Art work are excellent additions for dining room walls. in picture number two the art work gives the  “riches” look on the table. This symbolically increases your wealth and opportunities.


In Feng Shui, the more food displayed in the dining room, the more prosperity it represents.


Bright, glaring lights, especially overhead fixtures and colorful artwork also speeds up Ch’i . Pastel or neutral colors and artwork depicting scenes such as still life paintings or landscapes are better choices for the dining room.

as well, that images of food symbolize increased bounty and wealth.


Adding some colors to the dining are helps the chi to move and circulate in a healthy way, matching the curtain color with the table cloth to boost the Gua that my clients’ dining room falls under.

Also adding some  antique with colorful candles makes an excellent dining room table centerpiece. Both enhance Ch’i by symbolizing life energy. antique  also represents wealth.